Friday, September 24, 2010

Eating: An Act of Love?

A friend called and asked me to ask my “CoAuthors,” as I’m currently calling them, why her hair is suddenly falling out in large quantities. She’s also psychically/intuitively gifted, and we often share our skills with one another since it’s so hard to be objective with oneself!

In a previous call, she’d mentioned that she hadn’t been eating much at all for the past two weeks, being mostly on the run and too busy. Candy bar here, salad there. 

We both thought that many people could benefit from the insights given by my CoAuthors about our struggles to nurture ourselves effectively, myself included!! My friend generously agreed to let me share this with you. Here’s what I received for her when I asked:

Friday, September 3, 2010

What Does It Mean When a Rabbit Crosses Your Path?

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July 2013 NOTE: Please enjoy this post! But my blog has moved to:
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AT THE RISK OF SEEMING un-humble, I am going to quote something posted on my last blog entry:

“Wow Lianne, your breadth and depth of knowledge of the metaphysical (and all that entails) is extraordinary. I've done my fair share of reading and research over the course of my adult life, but do not profess to have such a broad scope of information and understanding as you.”
I’m so glad someone noticed! Because I AM NOT THAT SMART! As I’ve mentioned before, when I write something of this nature, I’ve learned how to link up with my Higher Resources and THEY are very smart indeed. They’re the ones with the depth and breadth; especially because they are so numerous, they cover many areas of expertise. It’s their “frequency” that you may sense in my writing. (Other times, well, only I can take the blame for that stuff.)