Saturday, January 28, 2012

Follow Your Passion--or Else!

Metabolic Healing, Part III

I don't know why I persist in posting these painful personal experiences from my fight to heal my metabolism via the Schwarzbein Program. Especially the photographs! I see those on my blog now and say to myself, Gosh, Lianne, did you have to put those out there? But something in my Violet life color, Chinese Earth rhythm, Aquarian self presses me to share, just in case it might help someone else.

This past week I have felt "terribly terrible," as I kept saying to Joseph. NOTHING would relieve some deep underlying stress and sensation that everything was confused and wrong in my life and I was lost. Nope, not even my attunement with my Cosmic Mentors, which would normally do the trick. Which means that something was indeed terribly terribly wrong.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My first celebrity endorsement!

Remember this photo of me with Donna Eden, world-famous energy healer and author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women, after an advanced class we took with her?

See that book in her hand? It's one of my novels, and even though she's incredibly busy, her assistant just emailed a note from her to Joseph & me. It included this about Cosmic Dancer:

"It is a wonderful book!"

Yep, it's going on the cover with her permission. Thank you, Donna!

Do you know other celebrities who might endorse a novel about life after death, reincarnation, ballet, and the challenges of life as a psychic teenager? Suggestions welcome--especially if you know how to reach them! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Positive Expectations: An illustrated guide

Positive expectations. This is an energy principle my spiritual mentor, Ruth Norman (aka Uriel), tried really hard to instill in me.

I'm not talking about affirmations or visualizations or pie-in-the-sky. I mean simply holding an attitude in your mind that things will work out, that all will be well. (And I don't have to tell you what the opposite to that is.)

I've been told that children of alcoholics have trouble with this concept. So I've worked on it, and now I generally walk around in a positive state of mind, greeting and grateful for all the good things that happen to me.

But the other day, I had a visual demonstration of this vital principle. (It happened to take place in my "Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Area," for those of you who are into Feng Shui and Bagua maps.)