Monday, July 5, 2010

What is a Soul Pursuit?

Anything at all that you pursue in order to learn and grow. Then that’s your entire lifetime, right? Well, it’s a little more than that.

Some people aren’t actively interested in pursuing personal growth. I am. We are, Joseph and me, separately and together. And now we find that we’ve accumulated a lot of information and ideas that are, let’s say, slightly outside the usual parameters of other people’s thinking. We think interdimensionally, if possible. We strive for it. We have an entire scheme of interdimensional life circulating around our thought patterns and so it constantly affects our personal choices, beliefs, and consequent actions. Sometimes we don’t even mention this to other people but they notice. (Yeah, yeah, I know; but sometimes we don’t!) They respond to it anyway, with questions or comments or puzzlement or je ne sais quoi written all over their faces.

(I can’t believe I just threw a foreign phrase in there! I swear I did not do it to impress you! Someone prompted me with it.)

Okay, so I can’t go any further without adding that, oh by the way, we communicate interdimensionally as well. Everyone does!! They just don’t all realize it. But once you do, you start to pick out various refrains and begin to identify different frequencies (vibrations) of thought and their relative values. Some are incredibly detrimental to your life and it’s best to tune them out and shuffle them along. Others are beautiful strains of inspirational thought that you’d be wise to cultivate when and if they appear in your life. And then there’s a lot of junk in between.

Joseph & I both strive for the beautiful strains, of course. We hope you’ll get to hear some of those, French-speaking and otherwise.

It occurs to me that you might not understand that I mean, literally, other beings expressing themselves and influencing your thought patterns while they are not physically present. Countless other beings. We live in a highly populated, energetically alive Universe and, being energetic beings ourselves, we all communicate within this energetic Universe constantly, one way or another. I just choose to be conscious of that intercommunication at all times, so as to be more careful and observant of my choices and their results. What kind of company am I keeping? What are these influences bringing to me?

It makes for what appears to be a rather unusual life to many people on this planet. But many others totally get it and that’s who I’m addressing at the moment. Welcome!

I realize this requires an example.

Right now, Joseph is working out in the other room and so he’s playing some very loud, trance-type music with a heavy beat in order to keep himself moving fast. He loves that stuff; calls it “audio caffeine.” Being music, it’s easy to visualize that it oscillates at a particular frequency or bandwidth.

But if I attune to it right now, I could dance, but I can’t think clearly, not on the higher-frequency bandwaves I’d like to cultivate just now in order to share them with you and perhaps bring something enlightening or uplifting into both your life and mine. So I am actively aware that I must detune from that noise, like redialing an old fashioned radio. I especially must not react badly to it, as in, “Turn that $#%$^% noise off! I’m trying to write!” That only solidifies my connection to it; if I do that, I’ve engaged with that energy and made it a part of me.

Instead, I must tune it out, forget it, ignore it, and reach my consciousness more selectively into something a bit more appropriate for the task at hand. I can assume that’s where the French phrase came from: from one of my esteemed colleagues in higher-dimensional worlds who wrote at a time when such conventions of the written word were, shall we say, de rigueur. (Oh very funny—these Friends of mine do have a sense of humor.)

Is this selective mental attunement easy to do? No. Not at all. In fact, it takes an extra effort I would not have to expend if that music weren’t playing. Does it work? Yes. In fact, my inspirational Partners have even found a way to turn that “negative” of the irritating beat into a “positive” example of an energy principle they wanted to share with us.

Whenever you can turn an irritant into a positive element of learning, I think you must score a gold star on your personal Soul Pursuit scorecard somewhere! And cheating is definitely allowed, if you consider this kind of coaching help I’m getting at the moment to be “cheating.” Not in the higher scheme of interdimensional life! In that scheme, Mentors are key. You’ll probably hear a lot more about them from me, or perhaps I should say, through me.


  1. cool, can you translate foreign phrases, so I might get the humor. :) I was just reading something simular today, about how every thought you have stays with you, so its important to be aware of what you are thinking. I am not too far off am I?

  2. You’re right on! Yes! Our thoughts are energy creations that do indeed stay with us permanently, right through future lifetimes. And as I was discussing, they also serve as our “radio beacon” into the Infinite Universe, both sending and receiving. They determine what comes back to us. So it’s doubly important that we keep track of them and choose carefully what we entertain in our minds. Not that we should never lose our temper or anything—-supressing emotions creates a different kind of destruction (topic for another post)—-but that we should let go of those more destructive emotional thoughts as quickly as we can. Before they can dig a deep groove we might drown in. :)

    As for the foreign phrases, I always complain when authors use them! So that’s part of the humor: My Co-authors often prompt me with words I have to look up. This time they chose to expand my prejudices, as well as my vocabulary! I had to look them up to give you precise definitions and as always, they’ve chosen phrases that suit the need exactly. Part of the lesson for me is to realize that just one Earth language is not enough to try to encompass ideas that are much beyond third-dimensional limitations! Tch, too bad I’m only fluent in English. Next lifetime, I’ll make better preparations so I can serve as a better communicator!

    je ne sais quoi means “a quality or attribute that is difficult to describe or express.” Literally, it means “I don’t know what.”

    de rigueur means “required by the current fashion or custom; socially obligatory.” Literally, it means “of rigor.”

    Hope that helps. Thanks for posting! You’re the first! :)

  3. Excellent, Lianne!
    Here at our house, all three of us connect interdimensionally all the time. To others, it looks like "reading each other's minds" but that's not really how it is - it's more like we receive the same thought patterns and speak them concurrently. I am prolific at making people squirm by knowing what they are thinking. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about it, all right!

  4. "'s more like we receive the same thought patterns and speak them concurrently."

    That's such an important point, Libby! And a fun experiment, which is how I think of "soul pursuits," as experiments in truth, which is what Gandhi called them, I believe. To me that means being carefully observant of the "interdimensional phenomena" happening around us all the time, and this kind of communication definitely qualifies as one of those!

    Your experience demonstrates that you're all tuning in to a certain "radio broadcast," as it were, from some of your own Elders or Guides or Angels or Avatars, whichever or whoever you dial up by your frequency --- you each "hear" the inner message, and respond. You might speak it, write it, or act upon it. But this can happen simultaneously. It would appear like telepathy to an outside observer.

    A really common example occurs in the world of the arts. Ever had an idea for a story or something and then someone else had the same idea at the same time, only they carried it out & you didn't? Or maybe two or more did carry it out simultaneously but with slightly different personal interpretations, or in different languages, etc. I believe these "broadcasts" from higher dimensions are perhaps our primary sources of what we call "inspiration." It often happens that many people around the world pick it up at the same time.

    Here's another one: Joseph and I and two of our friends have experimented with writing a book by literally passing around a recording microphone and taking turns bringing through that broadcast from Higher Sources. :) We were demonstrating that the transceiver (us) didn't matter as much as the Source. Judge the content, if you must, but not the conduit. Or more to the point, praise the Content, not the Carrier. That way, the Carrier won't get confused by personal ego & can remain a clear conduit.

    Hm, I think I've probably gone far enough with this for now. But Libby, I know you have experienced all of this in your personal life & writing, so you just encouraged me to go out on the ledge with you. So exhilarating! Thank you for posting!